About PostureFit

PostureFit services benefit private clients, sportsmen and women as well as corporate customers by bringing rebalance back to people’s lives. The areas of treatment include:

  • General Health and Wellbeing

  • Posture – muscle and joint pain and complaint

PostureFit Health powered by SOZA is a wellness and lifestyle health assessment. It promotes “health improvement”, and the aim is to provide information to clients to encourage improvements in general health wellbeing and vitality.

Many of the worst diseases that inflict humans are diet and lifestyle related. Educating people on what specific dietary and lifestyle modifications they can make, will ultimately assist in preventing the onset of ill health in the first place. This is “preventative health”.

Health assessment are simple and require an investment of just one hour of the client’s time.

PostureFit Gait and Posture Clinics utilise gait analysis technology and AiM Therapy (Anatomy in Motion, as seen on BBCs Dr in The House) to uncover the historic muscle and joint injuries in a person’s body which are causing the current physical pain and joint restrictions.

Our lives are full of physical incident from broken bones to operations, car crashes, child birth, and other events that have caused the muscle and joint system to adapt during recovery. The body is great at compensating to accommodate movement when an injury occurs, but very poor at returning to its natural state. For example: this is why we suffer hip or back pains in mid to later life, which we don’t naturally link to an ankle injury we suffered in our teens or twenties.

Appointments are held at multiple disciplined clinics across Bedford and Milton Keynes, which have teams of experienced health and sports injury specialists.

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