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Or perhaps you’re finding that you are becoming stiffer as you get older. Whether you have been in pain for just a few days or for many months, osteopathy may offer a solution. Your symptoms may be due to an accident, a work-related strain or a sports injury, or they may be related to disease or old age. Whatever the case may be, osteopathic treatment can successfully alleviate your symptoms and aid in your recovery, helping you onto the road to better health.

Osteopathy is one of the key therapies at Bedford Integrative Health Centre. Osteopath Sorrel Pindar works with other members of the team to provide a rounded, “joined-up” approach to health care. Osteopathy is often associated with treatment for back problems, but in fact it can be used to treat any part of the body from the head to the toes. Sorrel treats everything from headaches to foot pain, and while back pain makes up the majority of her work, she specialises in the treatment of chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome.

An osteopathic consultation includes an assessment of the mechanics of the whole body, not just the part that hurts. The information gained from this assessment is combined with information about your lifestyle, diet, and the stresses you may be under at home and at work, to arrive at a treatment plan which will include hands-on treatment, stretches and exercises, and if appropriate strategies for managing stress, which is so often manifested as back or shoulder pain.

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